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Distant Healing

Updated: May 7

Distant Healing. How exactly does it work?

A practice often misunderstood by cynical newcomers, clients and students alike. Distant healing has long been an essential part of the Reiki system for over the last century, (long before Co-vid!), but more often than not overlooked. With recent current events, we hope this article can offer some insight and alternative options for those who are currently struggling or feeling alone during these uncertain times.


Distance healing is a way to transmit healing from afar, existing for centuries across various energy and spiritual practices, each with their own unique methods and approach. Energy knows no boundaries and practitioners are taught at Level 2 how to give Reiki without the receiver being physically present. Reiki is a method for tuning into the natural forces and frequencies of the universe that surrounds us all. Where there is life, there is Reiki. Being an intelligent source it flows exactly to where it is needed beyond time and space, connecting the practitioner and client for healing. The body's intelligence receives and responds to this energy, which in turn helps to assist on a mind, body and energy level. Many of our clients struggling with issues such as terminal illnesses, diseases, pre/post surgery recovery, depression, anxiety, stress and difficult life events, benefit regularly through sessions.


Distant and regular sessions work similarly. Often a "substitute" is used such as a pillow, to give reference for the body and hand positions. This is not always needed but can help when visualizing and locating areas. A recent picture, name, date of birth and location can all help to build the connection. Lastly but most importantly, permission is ALWAYS needed! Reiki flows to where it is needed and wanted. It is never forced, and an individuals free will is always respected. Simply- pure energy does not flow if it is against someone's wishes, even with the best of intentions.


Much can be revealed in a session. Often subtle tingly sensations, mood change, physical relief and increased energy are felt. When congestions are located like a regular treatment, insight is often indicated about the root cause. How is it possible? As mentioned, Reiki surrounds us all and both receiver and practitioner can connect to this from anywhere. Physical presence has little impact on the energy flow. However physical connection can never be really replaced. A certain energy exchange takes place through physical interaction such as when we hug, kiss and touch. Our senses are stimulated in a way a phone call, email or video can not replicate. Online courses, teaching, working from home, all have benefits and function well in today's society, but often are just a solution to adapting to current times.

Reiki is a hands on energy method, with physical connection being a key essence of the system. When possible, a physical treatment should always be your first choice. One of the important aspects of the healing process often occurs after the session. This personal connection between client and practitioner provides valuable insight to understanding your blocks and challenges, and bringing a better sense of awareness to help set the intention to change. This physical interaction is just one benefit of a hands on session that is hard to replicate. Distant healing is not a substitute, but offers an effective alternative for those who can not physically receive.

Distant healing can be useful if:

- You live in a different country/location/locked down(!) and can not receive hands on.

- You are ill/frail/in surgery/can not have physical contact for any reason. Reiki speeds up the body's healing system, and can compliment medical treatments, medicine and surgery. More hospitals/clinics are slowly integrating Reiki into the medical system.

- The receiver does not want to, or finds it hard to sit still (babies/animals etc.)

- You have time constraints. If your schedule does not permit/you urgently need a treatment.


No! Once you give permission the treatment can be performed at any moment. Generally a rough time is set to pre-warn the client for any subtle sensations that maybe felt during. Sessions with oversea clients are often done during their sleep due to time difference, often resulting in a particularly deep and restful sleep. Another common myth is that you need to be lying down, or in a 'quiet' state when receiving. In a perfect world this would be the most ideal setting. If you are able to the experience can be very pleasant. Who doesn't want an excuse for an hour of uninterrupted rest! However, most clients go about their daily routine and still receive the same positive effects. Reiki is received on an inner level and is not affected by what is going on in the outer world. Choose whichever way you prefer or that your schedule allows.


If you are still skeptical but have read this far, chances are we sparked some curiosity in you! The only way is really to experience it for yourself. As Reiki practitioners, we do not try to convince, but aim to share our knowledge and experiences so you can make your own judgment. So whether you have yet to experience Reiki or not, we hope this post has provided some useful insight for you all.

If you wish to book a treatment or have questions, then drop us a message!

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